Reborn by music


Is it possible to turn violence into music? Cruelty into positive emotions?Pedro Reyes did it: he constructed a fully mechanized orchestra out of weapons sequestered from criminal organizations in Mexico.

"Disarm" is the collection of eight new instruments built in collaboration with many musicians and the media studio Cocolab.
What’s most incredible about this instruments is that they are controlled by computers and programmed to play music like an orchestra.

In this way the creation, as the artist himself declared, represents the union of sculpture, music and technology.

In 2012 Pedro had already built musical instruments out of disused weapons, modelling them after real instruments like basses, guitars and wind instruments. This year, he wanted to go one step further making them play autonomously, driven by a computer.

Disarm is not only a visual and auditive pleasure, but makes you also think of how much art - music, in this case - has the power to release and give rebirth, even to something as merciless as a gun.

Reyes’ orchestra can be seen at the Lisson Gallery in London, while here you can watch a video by The Creators Project to get a closer look at the artist and his work.